The Things that Bind You (2024)

The Things that Bind You is a performance and movement film made in collaboration with Christopher Brown.

The film premiered at TURN festival 2024 and screened simulationaly with Chris’ new solo work Bodi/less.


In Motion (2022)

In Motion sheds light on the emotional experience of autism, normalising and celebrating different forms of stimming (self-stimulatory behaviour). Stimming is a mode of emotional regulation and expression within the autistic community, which many feel the need to hide or minimise in public. 

The film was commissioned by Manchester Collective in response to Michael Gordon’s ‘Weather’ as part of “Northern Voices”. The film was shown as part of a live performance of ‘Weather’ at the RNCM. 

Interview with Nia Thomas about the piece:

It got me in November (2022)

Emma is convinced a mysterious parasite is taking over her body and mind. Her sister comes to visit with the hope of helping Emma out of her depressive episode.

Role: Writer / Director
Producers: Margot Douglas and Thea Burrows
Executive producer: Keith Farrell
Funded by: Touchstone

Currently on the festival circuit. 
We've created invisible systems and structures (2021)

The film includes the thoughts, words and visual ideas of over 30 Autistic and neurodivergent women, non-binary and trans people. In conversation with the filmmaker Sophie Broadgate, the people involved discuss the world around us, their loves, senses, big questions, research and all our theories.

Role: Filmmaker

The piece is commissioned by Every Brain Manchester.

The film was part of Every Brain's launch. The film was shown at Contact theatre in Manchester alongside TomYumSim and Dede in a live streamed event celebrating neurodiverse creativity.

Do you understand what is in your blood (2020)

Do you understand what is in your blood (2020) is a film created by Eliyana Evans, Sophie Broadgate and Yandass Ndlovu.

Role: Director and Editor

The film was commissioned by Girl Gang Manchester and featured in their exhibtion ‘Everything I Know, I Felt’, an exhibition embracing big feelings at The Lowry (Manchester).

Review and essay written by Holly Ann Golighty:
This exhibition explores the diverse emotional experiences of womxn. One of the artists, Eliyana Evans, has created a collaboration with film maker Sophie Broadgate, and dancer and choreographer Yandass Ndlovu. The piece is called ‘Do You Understand What Is In Your Blood'.

Through dance, music and poetry, the viewer is invited to consider how hormones affect all of us. It is phenomenal that such simple chemical reactions in our bodies can have such a wide ranging impact on us both psychologically and societally. This film installation explores the effect oestrogen has on the body, and the emotional experience of transitioning.

An interview with Sophie and Eliyana.