Pikaia Films is: Sophie Broadgate

I am a Manchester based filmmaker taking on commissions as well as developing my own practice.   

Services I offer: Scriptwriting, Directing, Self shooting and Editing. I love getting involved in projects that allow me to be curious (basically I’m a big nerd that likes to learn new things and experiment with new ways of expression). 

For the past 4 years I have been focusing on my work as a Writer / Director after 5 years work in the Production department, working as an independent producer and self shooter. In 2016 I produced "Leg, Arm, Head" a film about a queer dancer, the film premiered at BFI Flare.

My debut short film as Director "The Water Tower" was developed through "Lost Stations", a development programme for Cumbrian artists. The story of two queer isolated young people coming together and learning to how to be vulnerable.

My second short film "It got me in November" is currently in post-production and is due for completion in early 2022. The film was made with support from Touchstone, a UK based mental health charity.

Whilst developing my own films I have also collaborated with artists and taken on a range of commissions. One of my recent collaborations was "Do you understand what is in your blood", a film based on the emotional journey of a hormonal transition. Written and Composed by Eliyana Evans and Starring Yandass Ndlovu . The film was commissioned by Girl Gang Manchester and exhibited in the Lowry as part of "Everything I know, I felt", an exhibition exploring big feelings.

Until recently I worked as a freelance project manager with Signal Film and Media, creating opportunities for the community through workshops, projects and mentorship. I welcome opportunites in faciliate / mentor community in filmmaking. 

Here’s a photo artist and friend Julia E Parks took of me in Cumbria where I grew up.